Why Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed Early?

Wisdom teeth removal is often recommended by dentists and oral surgeons before they may emerge and cause problems. Wisdom teeth often emerge between the ages of 17 and 25, depending on genetics. However, your child’s dentist will monitor the progress of the wisdom teeth in your child’s mouth, and at the right moment, they will recommend extraction. Impacted wisdom teeth emerge sideways and get mired in the gum tissue. Due to the difficulty in properly cleaning an unerupted tooth, you may be more prone to infection and damage to neighboring teeth and roots. Tumors and cysts may form in the infected tissue around a tooth. Impacted wisdom teeth must be extracted to ensure the patient’s continued oral health. When wisdom teeth are not removed, they may displace neighboring teeth and cause pain and swelling. Impacted wisdom teeth provide a risk of periodontal disease because an infection there may spread to neighboring teeth and gums. Having your wisdom teeth out reduces your chances of experiencing a wide range of negative health outcomes. Here at our hospital, our patients come first. When our patients visit, we want them to feel as if they are only extending their own homes into ours. Our oral surgeons take the time to explain the nature of the treatment and operations they will be doing because we believe patients should be informed and educated about their ailments. When you choose Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery, you’re making the greatest decision for your teeth and face.

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